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​Being an ‘Insta’ Photographer

​Being an ‘Insta’ Photographer

Posted by Charlotte @mummys_a_photographer on on 30th Apr 2018

I’m Charlotte, Mum of 3 - Cameron (8), Sienna (18 months) & Eli (3 months)

Being an Instagram photographer can seem like a full time job! I love it!

I joined the Instagram community last year when my daughter was about 5 months old. My feed was just full of random photos and competition entries! I entered everything going and I was rather lucky and won quite a lot.

From prizes and a few small shop purchases, I then started to take and post photos of Sienna in the clothes, it was then easy to see what photos shops were sharing and tried to keep any photos I took in line with these.

I knew outdoor shots were not going to be possible for me, so I chose to go for a ‘clean’ feed! I used blankets and bare walls to give me the effect I wanted.

After gaining a few followers I began entering a few rep searchs and Sienna was chosen for 2-3 shops! Discount codes and a few free items meant the clothes collection starting building.

It was the end of last year things started getting a bit more serious and shops were approaching me to take photos in exchange for items.

Then when Eli arrived he seemed to offer a great opportunity for shops to promote their baby items. As babies grow so fast I almost felt guilty accepting clothes for him! Luckily they have lasted a while so he has got good wear out of them.

I always do my best to promote any shop we rep or work for! This sometimes gets a bit overwhelming and I’m sure my followers will agree! I keep things in stories so people can swipe past if there arn’t interested.

Now I don’t take on all items offered, Sienna for example isn’t really a ‘dress/floral’ kind of girl (we have been suprised with a few flowery items that she looks adorable in) so normally I would turn these type of clothes down. Sometimes though I don’t know what’s arriving.

We are super lucky to rep for about 15 shops now and work as a photographer for about 5. I am extremely greatful for the Instashops that love our photos!

Millie & Blake has been our biggest workload yet! Helping them alongside an amazing model team getting product photos for the website. The quality is amazing and we have loved every item!

My Tips & Tricks

Getting picked for rep teams!

  • Support the shop! You don’t have to have purchased from them!! Like and comment!
  • Make sure your feed isn’t all giveaways and searches! If something has ended delete it!
  • Only apply to shops you genuinely like the items of! Don’t apply for freebies!
  • Be prepared to share their posts and offers! Every recommendation helps them get new followers!
  • If you don’t get chosen but really love the shop, keep liking and commenting as they will really appreciate it
  • Camera I Use

    Nikon D800 24-70 2.8 lens


    White fleece for Eli on the floor. Sienna is a wall and flooring is a white lino cutoff from any hardware store or online


    Update and tag shops when you can! Don’t be afraid to post highstreet outfits! Be honest!

    Ever need help or Photo advice you can find me at Mummys_a_photographer !

    Charlotte x