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The Blog Life!

The Blog Life!

Posted by Dani Young - Owner - Millie & Blake - Business Insta @millieandblake - Personal Insta @mymillieandblake.couk on on 30th Apr 2018

So Wow.. I have never been one for reading blogs... mainly because I am a total workaholic and never have any time.. and I mean... really! When Blake wakes at 6am... I am straight on Emails, Insta, Facebook trying to clear my mound of messages (Yet i can seem to NEVER catch up on them!) ... Now I have had Blake I am limited to office time so my staff run the office now...I am here doing designs, emails, admin, accounts, payroll and of course helping with the making when I am in the office... but I am mainly limited to Monday, Friday & the weekends for office time. With the odd hour during the week. But that doesn't mean I am not still working my A** off. As soon as Blake is asleep or chilled.. the laptop is pulled out then as soon as hubby is home from work... off i go to work again usually until around 11pm at night.. sometimes i wonder how i do it.. as i literally do not get 5 minutes break. But... I LOVE it. I LOVE being my own boss... I LOVE my business and I just LOVE to work.

Anyway.. back to blogs....

I have been reading a lot of posts lately.. blog style and I have been finding them pretty interesting. I Love getting an insight into other peoples lives. Knowing there are other Mum's out there with the same views as me.. same feelings.. etc but also the differences it is super interesting. Not only that, I am SUPER nosy!

So I decided...

My website has a blog feature.. why not use it? And give lots of lovely people the opportunity to write their blog posts on here!  What is the catch? There is none. I am not asking you to promote our products or our page.. We just want your words :) I mean of course... if you want to write a piece on one of our product... absolutely feel free!! We are starting to get quite a platform of people on our social media's and daily website visits so I feel why not use this feature and help other Mum's get their name out there? Well it doesn't have to be Mums... Dads, Grandmas, Granddads... anybody is welcome. Even Businesses! 

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